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Minecraft: How to Get Emeralds - Gem guide

2019-08-08 22:47:33

Next we will explain how to get emeralds in Minecraft.

What is there to know about emeralds in Minecraft?

In Minecraft you will have to find important resources for the development of the game, this time they must be the emeralds since they are helping with the trade between villages and for the beacons of the game, for this reason it is important that you manage to get the emeralds in Minecraft, the beacons create effect when they activate and feed a resource, you will notice their activation to see that they shine in the sky, you can create this effect by using gold, iron, diamond or emerald ingots.

How to get emeralds in Minecraft?

You can get emeralds by means of its mineral when combined with coal, dried seaweed, etc ... But it should be noted that the emerald mineral is very rare in Minecraft and you can get it by extracting it from the mountain biomes between levels 1 to 30 but It would not be viable since it takes a lot of time and resources, the best option to obtain the mineral is through exchanges with the villagers, you can get boxes of emeralds that you have to destroy through the menu for elaboration.

Apart from this there is also the possibility that you find it in the chests of underwater ruins, in the villages, butcher's village, igloo, temple, buried treasures, etc ... Also when defeating the enemies since there are some that they release them, the foxes throw them at death or if you release some kind of food.

In conclusion with this explanation you will find it easy to get emeralds in Minecraft, so go over it and apply it.

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