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Minecraft: How to get better enchantments

2019-08-07 22:28:46

Discover the correct way to get better enchantments in Minecraft. More details below.

Minecraft offers you enchantments, which can be increased according to your level in the game, that is, the higher your level of experience, the better the enchantments, said that. This time we will show you how to get better Minecraft charms, so check it out.

How to get better enchantments in Minecraft?

Minecraft allows you to get better enchantments by increasing your level of experience, by placing a bookcase right next to the enchantment table that includes an area that dampens a block.

To have access to the best Minecraft enchantments, you need to create a complete shelf edge (they must be 15 in total). It is recommended to create a second row of shelving blocks to better organize them.

How to change the enchantments in Minecraft?

You should know that you do not have many options when you want to change the enchantments, since as we mentioned before, the enchantments will depend on your level of experience. The only thing you could do in that case would be to avoid the options by reducing the number of shelves connected to the table.

In case you do not have a specific article to enchant, Minecraft allows you to create an enchanted book, which will offer you to effectively save the enchantment to use it whenever you want.

Below we will show you a detailed list to get better enchantments in Minecraft:

Channeling - Maximum range 1: this applies only to the trident of Minecraft, allows you to channel a beam to an entity that you have reached and only works during thunderstorms, being exclusive with Riptide.

  • Water affinity - Maximum range 1: allows you to increase your mining rate while you're underwater.   
  • Flame - Maximum range 1: the arrows set the target on fire.
  • Curse of disappearing - Maximum rank 1: item destroyed in death.
  • Link curse - Maximum rank 1: prevents the removal of items.
  • Multiple shooting - Maximum range 1: it is mutually exclusive with Piercing, shoot three arrows at a time, while only consuming one arrow.
  • Silk touch - Maximum range 1: the mined blocks fall automatically and are mutually exclusive with Fortune.
  •  Zurcidura - Maximum rank 1: mutually exclusive with Infinity. Repair objects using experience.
  • Knockback - Maximum range 2: more recoil.
  • Fire aspect - Maximum range 2: You can set the target fire on fire.
  • Punch - Maximum range 2: your arrows have more recoil.
  • Lure - Maximum range 3: faster fishing.
  • Looting - Maximum rank 3: get more loot from mobs.
  •  Luck of the Sea - Maximum rank 3: more luck with catching fish.
  • Thorns - Maximum rank 3: Deal damage to attackers when hit.
  • Deep Strider - Maximum Range 3: allows you more speed underwater and is mutually exclusive with Frost Walker.
  • Infinity - Maximum rank 3: It is mutually exclusive with repair. Do not consume arrows when you shoot your bow.
  •  Loyalty - Maximum rank 3: it is mutually exclusive with Riptide. Trident returns after throwing it away. It should be noted that in higher ranges, the trident returns faster.
  • Fast charging - Maximum range 3: recharge your crossbow faster.   
  • Sweep edge - Maximum range 3: Deal more damage with radical attacks.
  • Breathing - Maximum range 3: swim underwater for longer without having to return to the surface.
  • Without breaking - Maximum range 3: increases the durability of the enchanted object.
  • Perforation - Maximum range 4: they are mutually exclusive with Multishot. Arrows can go through two objectives.
  • Explosion protection - Maximum range 4: reduces the damage of explosions.
  • Protection - Maximum range 4: can reduce damage taken from most sources.
  • Feather falling - Maximum range 4: Take less damage from falling.
  • Fire protection - Maximum range 4: Take less fire damage.
  • Projectile protection - Maximum range 4: Take less damage from projectiles.
  • Sharpness - Maximum rank 5: allows more damage with sword and axes and is mutually exclusive with Smite and Bane of Arthropods.
  • Loss of arthropods - Maximum range 5: allows you to increase damage to arthropods, exclusive with Smite and Sharpness.
  • Power - Maximum range 5: Deal more damage with arrows.
  • Efficiency - Maximum rank 5: faster mine.
  • Impale - Maximum range 5: can deal more damage to ocean mobs with the trident.

Basically this is what you should know to get better enchantments in Minecraft.

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