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In Minecraft there are many things that we probably have not found, so today we will tell you how to get ancient debris.

What is ancient rubble in Minecraft?

It is a rare mineral that you will have to find to be able to make netherite, one of the strongest substances in the game. But if you don't know how to get ancient rubble, all you have to do is read on.

How to get ancient debris in Minecraft?

This mineral is found in the Nether. So you will need to get 10 obsidian blocks to build the portal to the Nether. You will also need a Netherite or Diamond pickaxe to extract ancient debris. Once in the Nether you will have to start digging down to lower the Y-coordinate, looking to get between 15 and 30 below the Y-coordinate.

The Ancient Debris is pale brown in color and has a swirling pattern above and below the block.

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    We recommend you go down to Y 14 and open pit mine by digging a 1×2 hole as far as you can, then you will need to place a TNT in the hole to widen the space or place a piston and composter to push it down. Ancient Debris is tough, so the TNT won't even mess it up.

    You can also look for Bastion Remnants around the Nether, to try to find Ancient Debris inside, but it's not a fixed drop.

    How to get Ancient Debris in Minecraft? - Usage.

    When you have some of this ore, you'll need to smelt it to get Netherite Remnants. With four Netherite scraps and four gold ingots you will be able to get a Netherite ingot.

    With these ingots you will be able to transform the diamond equipment into a Netherite equipment, which is much more durable.

    That's all you need to know about how to get ancient debris in Minecraft, so now that we have reached the end, we hope you can get as much as possible of this mineral, so that you can improve your diamond pieces.

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