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With our Minecraft guide, you will learn more about How to get a sculk sensor.

What to know about the sculk sensor in Minecraft?

It is about organic blocks, which manage to detect the vibrations that the movements and action produce, this type of block was added with update 1.17, they are bluish-purple in color and one of its parts looks like a tentacle, with A maximum of 8 blocks in distance is possible to detect movements, but this detection can be avoided with the use of a wool block around the sensor, if we are detected we will notice a red stone signal with a yellow light, according to the distance stands out more, now it is ideal that we know how to get a sculk sensor, and we can see it in the following content.

How to get a sculk sensor in Minecraft?

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    To understand how to get a sculk sensor we have to consider that these cannot be manufactured, you can only obtain this from the creative inventory in Minecraft, the ideal places are the Deep Dark caves, which are at level Y or also at the mob The Warden in the same caves, only that these have a great level of attack, it is possible in terms of How to get a sculk sensor to do it with almost all the tools, only that the hoes help us to make it faster, while Let's be silent because the sound gets to attract the guardian, the diamond or gold hoes are the most suitable, because of how silent they are, it is also possible to put a block of wool around the sensor which prevents the sending of the signal.

    At the time these sensors in Minecraft are inactive, they have a level 1 of light, but they illuminate their surroundings with a slight yellow glow when activated, certainly as we have highlighted the sensitivity is extreme to movements and vibrations, which They turn out to be very excellent at detecting, even in the surroundings of structures, within range when vibrations are detected, this sends a signal from the source of the vibration with a speed of 20 blocks per second, keeping the sensor activated for a couple seconds in Minecraft, only a single vibration can be detected instantly, if we go further we can measure the value of the vibration frequency with a comparator with the Sculk sensor, which will measure in the form of red stone output, then it is ideal to know How to get a sculk sensor for the great utility that these represent in our performance.

    Now that you know how to get a sculk sensor, just do it and continue enjoying all the gameplay possibilities presented in Minecraft.

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