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We invite you to discover How to get a parrot off your shoulder, a new task in Minecraft.

What to know about Minecraft?

  There are some animals that we will be able to mount on our shoulder, but despite doing so, many of us want to understand how to lower them later, one of them is the parrot that is able to remove itself according to its will, which will make it ideal to see in what circumstance this occurs, for this we have the following content, let's see it.

How to get a parrot off your shoulder in Minecraft?

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    For the parrot to take off, it is presented with a jump, which when landing if we do not do it in a block that is in the middle of another higher one, being in the same block landing, it will be removed, if we leave the block and land At least three-quarters of a block below in the location we had, this will also be removed by having descended from a lower block, also if we receive damage, entering the water, drowning, sleeping in cana and entering the lava can cause the parrot is removed from our shoulder, something that turns out to be very easy, if we want it to stay on our shoulder alone we must not go down or jump.

      Knowing how to
    get a parrot off your shoulder, because we can unwind and have more fun in Minecraft.

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