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Today we bring you a Minecraft guide where we will talk about how to fix Minecraft Outdated Server Error.

What to know about the Minecraft Outdated Server Error?

It is a problem that becomes an impediment when we are going to play, considering the different reasons for which it occurs and in terms of How to fix the Minecraft Outdated Server Error, we must follow the instructions that will be presented below, let's see.

How to fix Minecraft Outdated Server Error?

We have to consider the following indications:
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    • Update: what we should consider regarding How to fix the Minecraft Outdated Server Error is that we have the most recent version of the game, the appearance of this problem being frequent for those of us on iOS and Android, in the case of Android we have to enter Google Play to go to my applications, we will locate the game to update, while for iOS we enter the application store and with the search option we will find the game, if an update is available we click on the corresponding button,
    • Xbox Insider: It is possible that when we are part of the Xbox Insider program we cannot join a server, this is because we do not do it with players who are also part of it, which will lead us to leave such Beta program for through the Hub, we look for internal content, and we give it in the game, we will go through managing to cancel the registration, as for How to fix the Minecraft outdated server error, we must uninstall it for its installation from scratch.
    • Change of the version of the game: having the situation with the server that when joining us goes directly to the most recent version automatically by the launcher, now in case of using a previous version we have to change the version, for this we will go to the game for the installations, in a new installation we will give it and then in the version, thereby choosing the version to which we want to join the server, press create to start the game to see what happens.
    • Kingdoms of the game: when we are interrupted we have to download the corresponding world to replace the kingdom, for this, regarding How to fix Minecraft Outdated Server Error of we will choose to reproduce, we choose the kingdom to download it, we will go to edit world and download it, when it is completed we will see which one we change the realm to, edit world and replace it, having to choose Realm for the download on our server.

    In case of not reaching anything with the previous indications, we have that the server may be the problem, leaving the option of contacting the owner of the server to run the most recent update of the game, only that the file is required to jar on the server for the update.

    Finally, now that we know how to fix Minecraft Outdated Server Error, we can try to get back to normal.

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