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We invite you to discover how to fix a corrupted world, a new task in Minecraft.

What to know about a corrupted world in Minecraft?

This occurs on rare occasions, it is a problem that damages the saved data, but it is possible that despite this we can solve it because it is partial, only other cases result in a completely corrupt world, able to prevent us from having access to it, considering that we will not get to restore the most recent files, remaining to make a previous restoration to this file if we have it available, otherwise there are some things to consider how to fix a corrupted world that will be presented in this guide with details below.

How to fix a corrupted world in Minecraft?       

Although our file is corrupt it is still present in Minecraft, which can help us on How to fix a corrupted world by making a copy, because this was presented prior to the destruction of the seeds, what we will do is a modification and file transfer, this has no guarantee, but what we will do is as follows:

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    •  Find the folders corresponding to our Minecraft worlds.
    •  We make a copy of the folder with all its contents corresponding to the world we are going to repair, and we name it.
    • We have to on How to fix a corrupted world, we have to create a new world with the same seed and that has the map generator configuration similar to our original world.
    • We return to the minecraft/saves folder to find a new folder corresponding to the new world created.
    • We copy some files that are in the BlankWorld folder to the LostWorldCopy folder such as level.dat, level.dat_mcr if it appears, level.dat_old and session.lock.
    • It is important to be careful to copy the folders, we should only do an overwrite of the previous files of the world that is bad in Minecraft.
    • Restart the game.
    • It will present a new world that has a + copy corresponding to the name that has the folder, being the result of answer to How to fix a corrupted world.
    • We check that it loads correctly.
    • We must change the name of the world in the screen to choose it, being then our recovered world.
    • Now we can delete the world saved in the BlankWorld folder.
    It is important that on How to fix a corrupted world successfully done that we make sure we have all our objects, which allows us to have virtually everything before we got to corrupt our world in Minecraft, after that it is possible to start in any location, which means that a start underground is death, and we would lose tofo our inventory, although if we do not use the creative mode in the same way we will have nothing, then what we will do is a backup copy of our duplicate world, considering that it becomes corrupted, and we can load the other unpolluted version without losing anything really.
    In relation to how to fix a corrupted world when playing Minecraft on console presents a different situation, considering that we can not get to do the same as on PC on Xbox or PlayStation is possible to consider other options and these are as follows:

    On Xbox

    • Uninstall the game
    • Delete the local save game data on system and storage                  
    • Remove the MAC address in network, network settings, advanced and alternate   address
    • Reinstall Minecraft and try to load it.
    • If we get nowhere, we contact Mojang support.
    On PlayStation

    •  We enter the settings in the application's saved data
    •  As for How to fix a corrupted world we choose in the saved data on USB
    •  We choose to copy to system storage
    •  We choose the game to see the data of the worlds, and we choose the one that corresponds to copy it.
    •  Restore our world if it is available and if not we seek assistance from Mojang.

    Knowing how to fix a corrupted world is interesting, because we can get out of an inconvenience that harms our fun in Minecraft.

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