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Minecraft: How to find Slimes

2019-10-08 14:10:14

Many of the players talk about the characters of Minecraft, we refer to the Slime Balls, in this guide we will tell you how to find slimes first.

This is how we mentioned it firstly, you have to get slime to get the green and sticky characters called Slime Balls, the most effective and easy way of How to find Slimes scattering through the nearest swamp you can find, but not any swamp since it must have some conditions.

How to find slime in Minecraft?

As we already mentioned to get silt in Minecraft you must go through a swamp that has the following conditions: first the tile has to be located between heights Y of 50-70, secondly the light level has to be maximum 7 or less , nor can it be in the time of the new moon, you must be very attentive since the conditions of the game's moon go to par with the conditions of the real world. This means that if you are near a new moon, the smaller the number of Slimes that will appear. But site you are in the phase of the full moon you will have the opportunity to find more Slimes on the surface.

What is a piece of silt in Minecraft?

It is something that can be generated in two different ways, the first one can be in a swamp but that has the required conditions announced, or at all times through a Slime Chunk, the latter is the most correct way if you require a good amount.

What are the requirements for spawning slime pieces in Minecraft?

You must have the appropriate conditions for the slimes to appear, the first thing is that you must be between 25-125 blocks in the range of a Slime Chunk in Minecraft, you have to have a validation spawning card taking into account that it is below the Height And 40, as you can see it is very simple, here the light levels will not be taken into account for the Slimes to breed.

How are silts found in Minecraft?

There are two ways of How to find Slimes in this game, the first one requires you to be very lucky while you are digging below the allowed height And of 40, if you are lucky enough to get one, you have to continue digging at least a height of three blocks, with this height Your Slime can breed.

The second way is very easy, you just have to use the Chunkbase slime kisser, this is a trick through a web program where you enter the map seed and then go where the green pieces are.

Thank you for always being with us, we hope that our guide of Minecraft, has clarified the doubts about how to find slimes, now that you know it is already a matter of what you decide, wait for your luck or using the slime finder.

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