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Minecraft: How to Find Ancient Debris

2020-02-07 10:53:43

In the universe of Minecraft we encounter many tasks, one of these is How to find ancient rubble and here in this guide everything will be covered.

In Minecraft we recently have a new addition called ancient debris, through this we can get Netherite, with this resource we will be able to make updates to our team at maximum levels, to know How to find ancient debris we have the following content of this guide, let's pay attention to it.

What should we know about the old rubble in Minecraft?

The patch 1.16 brings to the game the old debris, in this current version in which the game is not available, but it is possible to find it in the 20w06a snapshot that is possible to access by installing the Java client, with this receives Mojang a way in which you can make a check of things, certainly we have to make clear that it is still possible to add more information to the contents of this guide, so it will be updated periodically as we are leaving the game updates, now let's see more details in terms of How to find old debris.

How to find old debris in Minecraft?

In Nether at present is where we can find the ancient debris, we must create a portak Nether and prepare for battle, once we are here, we have to go in the direction of the lower levels, on the 11th floor should appear the ancient debris, with the F3 of our keyboard is possible to check the level in which we are, there is the option to do open pit mining and patiently wait to meet some. The rates of appearance are similar to those of the diamond, we will find between 1 to 3 per pocket, in addition, appear in veins of minerals smaller than the diamond, that we do not want to make a mine, we can use in TNT, since these debris resist explosions, so we can exploit many areas and find these, it will be in itself the easiest way to find this material faster.

There is a way to cause a chain reaction with an explosion, placing a TNT in a space of 4 blocks between them, this will cause them to shoot each other without having to fall, clearing an area allowing us to get the old debris, the lava in this part will not be a problem, because they can float, the brown and its special design that presents at the top will be the characteristics of the old debris, for the extraction we can only use a peak or diamond, otherwise nothing will be achieved,

Knowing how to find ancient debris is very interesting, as it allows us to get more involved in our adventure that we have in Minecraft.

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