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Minecraft: How to find a village - tips and tricks

2019-09-03 16:25:40

If you decide to venture without knowing, this can be a martyrdom, luckily, in this guide we will tell you how to find a village in Minecraft.

Surely few things are so rewarding, like being lost in the middle of nowhere and encountering a village, a true oasis alive right in the middle of nowhere or far enough away to make us cry when we see it.

Well, for this scene you don't have to go so far, as simple as opening your launcher and that's it. And if there is something complicated to find here are the villages, it may end up being a headache your search.

What are Minecraft villages?

These are constructions that appear randomly in different biomes, depending on the biome the village will depend. These are composed of several houses and buildings, in them we can also find villagers of all professions, iron golems, Farms, animals, food and even a water well which is usually located in the center of the village, between other things typical of a village or town.

As we mentioned, your search can be a headache, but it is certainly an interesting adventure in addition to the joy you will feel when you find it.

So we have prepared a guide to tell you all about it in which we will tell you everything you need to know about the villages and we will also tell you how to find a village in Minecraft.

How to find a village in Minecraft?

As we mentioned, these can appear randomly in the different biomes, regardless of whether it is jungle, plain, desert or whatever. The type of village will depend on the biome, this can make the height of the buildings vary, for example, as well as the number of buildings, the professions of the villagers and other aspects.

An interesting way to look for a village is to do in creative, this will allow you to explore your luck among the inclemencies that may arise along the way, which undoubtedly results in a true survival experience in the game.

If you want to find a village in Minecraft you can quickly do it in creative either on foot or by flying.

If you want to find it even faster you can use a generating seed before creating the map.

You can also use the village search engine and place the coordinate of the nearest village.

Already in the village you will have the possibility to interact with villagers of various professions, this will allow you to buy and sell objects. For this you will have to right click on them. This will allow you to see all the items they have available, these may vary with each interaction, so some items may not be available the next time you go with that villager, as well as there may be others available that were not available before.

Be sure to check if the villager really has the merchandise he wants to sell you so he doesn't end up being scammed.

Keep in mind that the more you market with the same villager, he will level up much faster making his merchandise better.

Naturally the profession of a villager offers you articles alluding to that profession, just in case.

In the houses of the villages you can also find chests with different items inside. These will vary according to the biome and the villager who lives in it, for example, if it is a blacksmith's house, you can find weapons, ingots of some mineral or armor.

The best thing about finding a village, especially when in survival mode is that there is a possibility of finding zombie villages, the possibility is low, however, it is a very interesting adventure since there are only zombies and the houses have another aspect and in In general the village has other characteristics.

Now that you know how to find a village in Minecraft, we hope you know how to get the most out of this guide. In addition to this guide in which we tell you how to find a village in Minecraft we have much more content for you about this and other titles that you will surely want to review.

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