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Minecraft: how to extract diamonds easily

2020-02-19 13:55:17

In the wide world of Minecraft we are here to learn how to extract diamonds, one of the most important materials.

  In Minecraft we have the need to find diamonds, due to the importance of this resource in creation, being the second most powerful in the game, after Obsidian, it is good to note that the best we can do are diamonds, so Like any strange block, in the world it is not easy to find this stone, for this there is this guide to help understand how to extract diamonds and following the content from here on will be enough.

Where to find diamonds in Minecraft?

The levels in which we must focus more strongly in this search is in the range of level 5-12, in common here we will find diamonds, certainly we must consider beyond level 16 that they also appear, but there is a way to achieve it according to each level.

Making a tunnel around the world for each level from 5 to 12, will be the most common method, so at any time we will find diamond veins, only that many torches will be necessary to achieve it, but also be attentive to lava which is at level 11 and later, cave exploration may be another method to consider even if it is not a common one, these caves are available everywhere in the world, but there are some monsters here that become dangerous, despite this, using this method can help save many resources.

How to extract diamonds in Minecraft?

When finding this mineral, it will be necessary to have an iron peak or stronger for the extraction of diamonds, an ideal option is iron, because its cost is not high, but for us to have greater advantage it is possible to enchant our peak with the charm of fortune 3, which will cause greater access to the amount of diamond to be extracted, with an amount of great solidity it is possible to create weapons, armor and many more tools that will be very useful in this adventure, with 35 diamonds We can access a set of tools and armor.

In conclusion, knowing how to extract diamonds will allow us to increase our entertainment in this wide world of Minecraft and our adventure.

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18 November 2011
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