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We welcome you to our Minecraft guide, with the objective of explaining how to craft fireworks.

What are fireworks in Minecraft?

It is a series of visual effects that are presented by means of decorative explosions that are capable of causing an effect on those creatures that come our way, only that for this you have to have an idea of ​​how to make fireworks and The answers are found in this guide specifically in the content below, let's see.

How to craft fireworks in Minecraft?

Materials such as paper x1 and gunpowder x1 are required, which allows the creation of the rocket, while if we add more quantity of gunpowder it is possible to increase the flight time, we have to place the paper in the upper left section of the grid 3x3 manufacturing and the gunpowder in the box next to it, with this recipe we achieve the basic version of the rocket, we will see it on the right, then we must pass it to our inventory in Minecraft, we must highlight the explosion effects that will go away adding according to a fire star to the mix, achieving with this make changes in color, shape and effect, we have to relate to How to make fireworks consider the following:
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    • With the fire charge you can get the effect of a ball that explodes causing a great sound.
    • With the gold nugget we have a star-shaped explosion.
    • With the head an explosion in the shape of a creeper face is achieved.
    • With the pen you have the effect in the form of a burst when exploding.
    • With the sparkling stone dust you will see our fireworks sparkling with crisp sounds.
    • With the diamond: after the explosion there is a wake effect.
    • With the sparkling stone dust and diamond: a combination of twinkle and wake is featured during the blast.
    • The Fade to color effect is achieved by combining the fireworks star with any colorant.

    To launch the fireworks you just have to use it on the block to activate it, you just have to place them inside the dispensers and with the use of the redstone we will launch them, even the crossbow can help us to do this, only that when using this option it is only possible shoot 3 rockets that will turn out to have the same effects, now if we use fireworks when flying with Elytra we will be propelled in the direction we are looking at that moment, something that will be useful for the flight and this will depend on the amount of gunpowder with which the fireworks were created, but if the rocket contains a Firework star, we will be damaged when it explodes.

    It is clear that knowing how to craft fireworks allows us to have more fun as we progress in Minecraft.

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