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Minecraft: how to craft and light a beacon

2020-01-13 12:34:51

Una de las preguntas más comunes entre los usuarios de Minecraft es cómo hacer y encender un faro, nada fácil, pero le diremos cómo hacerlo.

¿Qué es un faro en Minecraft?

Es un bloque muy raro capaz de proyectar un rayo de luz hacia el cielo y proporcionar efectos de estado como velocidad, impulso de salto, entre otros, a los jugadores que están cerca de él.

Muchos usuarios en Minecraft no saben nada sobre cómo construir e interactuar en algo que es bastante fácil de entender, porque no es nada fácil, o al menos no de un lado. En cuestión de tiempo, una vez que tenga los materiales, es bastante fácil saber cómo fabricar e innovar un faro, pero no tenga las cosas que lo complican, porque necesitará muchos materiales antes de poder alimentar su faro. 

Afortunadamente, tenemos todo lo que necesitamos para saber cómo fabricar y obtener un faro en Minecraft, por difícil que sea.

¿Cómo hacer e interactuar con un faro en Minecraft?

Como ya hemos mencionado varias veces, el proceso de fabricación de un faro es increíblemente largo y complicado, pero no es imposible, así que no se asuste. Hemos dividido nuestra guía en dos partes para que sea mucho más fácil de entender.

How to manufacture and connect a headlight in Minecraft - Materials procurement and manufacturing

In order to manufacture a headlamp the materials you will need to obtain are the following:

5 glass blocks.

The glass blocks will be easier to obtain, what you have to do is melt sand blocks in an oven or you can also obtain it from the forest mansions using a silk touch spout, ten in mind that if you break it with anything else you can't pick it up.

3 blocks of obsidian.

There are several ways to get these blocks, the first is naturally on the surface of the End, in forest mansions that contain a block of diamonds, or in some ravines and underwater caves and also when the spring water hits the lava. 

1 abyssal star.

This is the most complicated element to get, to obtain the star you will have to defeat the hardest boss of Minecraft, the witherer. 

Once you have the ingredients for the manufacture of the lighthouse that will look for a table of crafteos, as you know the table of crafteos has nine squares where the ingredients are placed, will place the 3 blocks of obsidian in the three lower horizontal boxes, the abyssal star in the middle box and other empty boxes that the labels of being just 5 filled with glass blocks.

How to make and interact with a headlight in Minecraft - Ignition?

To activate the lighthouse, we have to create a pyramid that can be of iron blocks, gold, emerald or diamond, the precision of the level you want to give to the pyramid which we leave you below.

First level - 3 × 3 20 blocks Speed speed.

Second level - 5 × 5, 3 × 3 30 blocks Jump Boost Resistance

Third level - 7 × 7, 5 × 5, 3 × 3 40 Strength blocks

Fourth level - 9 × 9, 7 × 7, 5 × 5, 3 × 3 50 blocks Regeneration Primary power increase

You can place several beacons in one pyramid but this will require a larger pyramid size.

The effects of the pyramids have to be unlocked by moving up the pyramid, but once you get these levels and thus the powers, you can select them in the lighthouse GUI in exchange for a few bars of iron, gold, emeralds or diamonds depending on the effect.

Level four of the pyramid allows you to choose a secondary state effect that can be regeneration or increase the strength of your primary powers.  You will still have to go to the Lighthouse GUI to do this.

This is all you need to sword about how to make and challenge a lighthouse in Minecraft, as you may have noticed it's not an easy job, made up of the most precious, sought after and hard to get items when playing Survival and if you play on the online UN server, much harder to get, but fortunately you already know how to get it and turn it on.

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