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The tasks continue to be given in Minecraft which allows you to explain how to collect sculk blocks.

What are Sculk blocks in Minecraft?

These are blocks of a material that is usually very unique and getting it requires being careful, it is not a resource that we find everywhere, which makes this a somewhat complex search, these blocks are part of the most recent update, In this sense, we invite you to continue reading so that you can find them quite easily.

How to collect sculk blocks in Minecraft?

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    We must locate the coordinates Y=-1 and Y=-64, these blocks are usually underground in Deep Dark, to know that we have reached the right place we will see that Deepslate is a place where there is no water or lava nearby, so It is necessary to take a look under the mountain regions, once we have found it, it is necessary to have the Silk Touch enchantment, this element is usually obtained when trying to collect a Sculk block, here the only thing we can lose is Experience.

    We can create these blocks near our house and use them to get a quick experience boost, either for our character or for others who may be playing our game, only in order to create it we must find the Sculk catalyst that usually has a grayish texture and will grow when the mob dies near the catalyst.

     Now that you know how to collect sculk blocks, it's time to launch into this task through Minecraft, try it.

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