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Minecraft: how to build a Nether portal

2020-01-15 06:26:58

In the world of Minecraft, the creation is unique for him today we present for you a guide on how to build an abyssal portal

What is an abyssal portal in Minecraft?

The portals are usually frequent to cross dimensions, because through them we can move from one place to another, is really a door separated from two different worlds, in Minecraft we get with a very interesting detail and it is saber how to build an abyssal portal, and this is simply a supernatural door that is in the ability to separate the world from the Nether dimensions, we only have one entrance and through the ominous purple door.  

How to build an abyssal portal in Minecraft?  

To build this portal is necessary to spend a good time fighting our way out of some situations like hostile mobs stories like skeletons and zombie pigs that can defend on us as they go through the lava in this space similar to caves, really is a scary space but necessary to visit it, place that there is necessary to create some objects and collect some things, among which we can highlight the lighthouse Minecraft.

With the abysmal portal we can teleport to other dimensions in Minecraft, just place us in the portal, and enter and in a few seconds we will be teleporting, the only bad thing here is that we are not the only ones who depend on this method of travel, because they can also travel the mobs, an exception of the dragon of Ender and the cross of Minecraft, since they are not on the sunny side of the game, therefore they can not cross the portal, to restore if they can do all.

What are the dimensions of the Minecraft abyssal portal?

To know how to build an abyssal portal is important to take into account the measures, and the elements to use, because as every construction needs some elements, in this case requires: 4

+ Hands of obsidian blocks in a rectangular shape at least 12-14 blocks of 4x5 minimum and 23x23 maximum 

+ Some diamonds. 

+ Diamond spike to extract obsidian. 

+ Flint 

+ Steel

Here comes the process of construction, for this we place the obsidian blocks in a rectangle, then we will have to create some fire and for us to have use of flint and steel, so the fire is usually necessary to fill the hole in the door, because there it expels a purple ooze, we should not worry about the specks of the vortex floating, because they are safe, the only thing we should really worry about is what we will get on the other side of the portal, because we will move to an unknown world.

What else can we say about the abyssal portal in Minecraft?

In this game there is no right or wrong place to build our abyssal portal, because the place where it is done is the least, because at the end of the day what matters is the unknown that we find when we cross it, what if we can say that it is not something as simple as jumping.  Well it has some peculiarities of travel, because if there is no portal near while traveling specifically will go to create another, so that we can get to where we do not raise.  Knowing how to build an abyssal portal simply leads us to explore a supermarket world, it is also important to carry out some difficult materials such as cobblestone or stone, in case we must repair it

This way we can finish our Minecraft guide hoping that by now you already know how to build an abyssal portal and give it the use you want, so go ahead and explore other dimensions and tell us how you are doing.    

Windows, macOS, Linux
Sandbox, survival
Mojang, Microsoft Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment
Release date:
18 November 2011

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