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Minecraft Earth: How to Invite Friends - tips and tricks

2019-09-05 09:34:46

In this version of Minecraft Earth, for mobiles you have very significant differences to the original game to invite friends, through this guide we will help you with some tips.

Minecraft Earth, it is one of the most recent games launched for mobile telephony, and the way of playing with friends is very different from what we know in the original game, there are a few different steps that you must follow, they are very easy but you must know them so you can invite friends in the game.

How to invite friends in Minecraft Earth

Once you start your Minecraft Earth game, and you are on the construction board you have the possibility to invite a game partner, if you click on this option a QR code will appear on your mobile, if there are any of your friends nearby alone You have to scan it and it will already be your adventure friend in the game.

For another player to join you, you have to touch the option to invite a friend right on your construction board, but you have to keep in mind that in order to do so they have to be close to each other, because if they live too far it would be an inconvenience for your friend to scan the generated QR code.

 If you are one of the players who do not like to stay very much in a single routine because you already had enough fun in the game digging, killing monsters and making houses, you have the option to leave the game, fortunately if you decide to do so none of your friends can Knock down their constructions in the game, since once you leave the game all your friends will be taken out of your game and everything you have done will be protected.

 You already know how to invite friends in this awesome mobile game Minecraft Earth, we hope our guide has helped you, do not forget that when you decide to invite one of your friends to be your partner it has to be close to you.

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