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Minecraft Earth: How To Get Rubies

2019-11-07 05:56:08

Get all the rubies you need in Minecraft Earth. Here we'll show you all the details.

 The use of rubies in Minecraft Earth is of great importance, because through them you can buy Buildplates. Therefore, in this opportunity we will be showing you everything you need to know to get them.

How to get rubies in Minecraft Earth?

The game allows you to get these rubies for free if you manage to collect materials in the world. As you explore the area you can notice both the resource blocks, such as mobs or chests from your screen known as Tappables, these are quite common in the game, which translates into greater odds of getting a Ruby.

Steps to get Ruby:

Once within range, you must touch the resources until you manage to break them, this way your content will fall, which is probably a Ruby. Another way to obtain these stones is by buying them in the store.

What's a Ruby for?

With them you can buy Buildplates, which allow you to build new things in the game world. From an initial cost of 75 rubies for the grass covered grass, with an extension of 8x8.

Buy Ruby

To do this, you must select the Buy icon located at the bottom right of the screen, and then click on the Rubies tab. However, you should keep in mind that by buying them you will be spending real money. Here is their price list:

Ruby pile (40) for only $ 1.99
Ruby Block (100 + 5 bonus) for only $ 4.49
Ruby Chest (200 + 20 bonus) for only $9.99
Ruby cart (400 + 50 bonus) for only $ 19.99
Trove of Rubies (800 + 150 bonus) for only $39.99

 This is all the information you need to know about rubies in Minecraft Earth.

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