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Minecraft Earth: How to fix sign in error - UH OH! Something went wrong

2019-11-07 06:59:10

Do you want to correct the Minecraft Earth sign in error? Then you should take a look here.

It seems that Minecraft Earth, the new mobile augmented reality game has been presenting an error when logging in, making players enjoy a problem. Therefore, we will be addressing everything related to this error so you can correct it.

Login error "UH OH! Something went wrong"

If you try to start the application of Minecraft Earthfrom your mobile device, without being connected to the internet, either by Wi-Fi or using mobile data, you will realize that the game will throw the error "UH OH! Something went wrong during the start of session ".

How to fix the login error in Minecraft Earth

The apparent solution to this problem is to connect to the internet from your mobile phone with your mobile data or over Wi-Fi.

It is worth mentioning that the game servers could be inactive, which could explain the problems about your login request, but it is something that can be solved soon.

This is all the information we handle so far on the Minecraft Earth sign in error, we also invite you to keep an eye on our publications for upcoming updates on this topic.

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