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Minecraft Earth: How to Build a House - tips and tricks

2019-11-26 09:50:12

You do not need to be an architect, but creativity is an important resource if you want to know how to build a house in Minecraft Earth and here we will tell you how.

What is Minecraft Earth?

The name belongs to the augmented reality sandbox video game developed by Mojang and published by Xbox Game Studios, a spin-off version of the original video game. The video game was released in early October 2019 and is currently available for Androir and iOS mobile device users.

Personally, one of the things he has always liked to do in minecraft is to make houses and in the game the only limit is your creativity, because in addition to houses you can do almost anything that comes to mind. But in this new installment, knowing how to build a house is very important, since this will allow you to claim your own building board.

How to build a house in Minecraft Earth?

We have divided this guide into several parts according to the faces of the process in general, although well, in total there are two parts and we leave each one below.

How to build a house in Minecraft Earth - Selection of the plot?

The first thing to do here is to access the Store menu in the lower right of the screen when you first log in to the game.

In the store you can buy building plates, say in a more understandable way, plots of land which you can buy using Rubies, the premium currency of the game. This you can get it in two ways, either simply playing the game or also in the microtransaccines store where you can buy them with real money.

Do you already have the plaque? Then let's continue, once the purchase is made you will have to touch where it says to build when this option is available.

When you start the game for the first time you can also get a complementary construction plate, although it is not known if this will always be the case or if at some point it will cease to be and the complementary plate will become unavailable.

How to build a house in Minecraft Earth - Construction process?

Being an augmented reality game, when you buy your construction board you will have to go to a specific place in the real world that is wide and with good lighting, to point the camera of your phone and drop the construction board in the area to start building.

The construction process formally begins when you press treasure chest in the lower right corner of the screen, from which you can select from your inventory the block with which you want to build. Once the block has been chosen, you will have to touch the quick access bar at the bottom of the screen to assign a block type to a slot in the quick access bar. This process can be repeated as many times as you want whenever you want.

To place a block you will first have to select the one you want to place, then simply touch the place where you want to place it. The building plates have a maximum designated area of ​​8x8 blocks where you can place all the blocks you want as long as you have them available.

With the finger shape icon you can interact with objects, for example doors, levers, among others. To do this, simply touch the interaction button and then touch the object.

If what you want is to collect or destroy you will have to do the same but with the collection button, select it and touch the object.

You should keep in mind that the houses in this installment have no function but are mere decoration. You cannot enter a house in Minecraft Earth, but you can put it in a place close to your real house for example and see the construction process from everywhere while you walk.

You can even invite other players to your home by touching the ellipses in the upper right corner of the screen and pressing "Invite friend", this will make a QR appear on the screen that your friend must scan to confirm the invitation.

This is all you need if you wanted to know how to build a house in Minecraft Earth, we have been testing the game since its premiere and the new game perspective that Mojang has added to this new installment, the real world integration with us, has been very interesting The game offers a different game than we were used to despite being the same game from another approach.

We recommend you check our other guides where we have more content about this game that will surely be useful for you.

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