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Quick guide to know where to find the lightning harp in Minecraft Dungeons

  Something that characterizes this edition of the game quite a bit with the original is that in Minecraft Dungeons they are the great variety of weapons and armaments and everything related to that, the best thing about all this is that the more enemies you defeat, your skill level will increase. Among all these weapons you can find the lightning harp which is a rare crossbow. This is a ranged weapon that helps you take down enemies from a distance.

If you want to have a certain victory, you stay because we will teach you how to find this special weapon.

Where to find the lightning harp in Minecraft Dungeons?

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    You should be clear that this particular crossbow weapon is one of the rarest weapons available to players to use, so you can expect to fight to find it.

    And the harsh truth is that it is a randomly thrown weapon and you will get it from enemies and treasure chests. A specific location for this particular weapon is uncertain as it can appear anywhere during your fights and there is literally nothing you can do to increase the chances of finding one. We suggest that you keep playing over and over until you find one.

    That is why you must be prepared and willing to spend all your time searching for it, as well as a great effort to keep attracting dungeons over and over again.

    The truth is that there is no exact place to find the lightning arc in Minecraft Dungeons, so the only thing left to tell you is that the seas are constant and do not give up because at some point, this legendary weapon.

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