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In the world of Minecraft Dungeons it is important to consider enhancing all artifacts and this leads us to ask ourselves How to use souls

What is the purpose of souls in Minecraft Dungeons?


 Souls are nothing more than small enough white spirits that we obtain in Minecraft Dungeons and they can be obtained by defeating enemies, so it will be necessary to capture them and then learn how to use souls, since they generally have the main purpose of empowering artifacts. needed to complete dungeons.


 Knowing how to use souls is extremely vital since it is an interesting way to get improvements to artifacts and with it to get better skills that allow us to have better abilities to eliminate enemies, collect souls and fill the bar that is in the part from under our screen.


 The souls we collect can be used in weapons or armor, since the idea is to equip our inventory, what if we cannot leave aside in Minecraft Dungeons is that it is necessary to obtain them, especially counting that every time we defeat an enemy it is possible to get a certain amount of souls.
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    How to use souls in Minecraft Dungeons?


     Let us remember that souls are excellent enhancers for our artifacts, for this reason it is necessary to know how to use them, counting on the possibility that not all of them require them, that it is vital to know which ones are suitable to enhance, which are precisely the best that can be adapted to our game form, for this we will explain here some of the artifacts that require souls and that these can make it powerful enough.


     What are the artifacts that require using souls in Minecraft Dungeons?


     The Harvester.

     This artifact allows us to give a forceful and large blow, perhaps for this reason it is necessary to know how to use souls as they need it, it is also possible to use this artifact together with others who do not need souls, as this in itself avoids the competition.


     It is necessary to take into account that the harvester can specifically divert souls to store them, allowing them to release their full potential against enemies according to the amount collected, but it is necessary to consider that we must act with caution, since when we use it we can achieve an explosion that It will cost us a certain amount of souls, but we may be vulnerable.


     The Healer of souls.

     The soul healer allows us to become practically invincible, of course it is necessary to handle souls as best as possible, as this serves to heal us immediately during some battle in exchange for the souls collected in Minecraft Dungeons.


    The Corrupt Lighthouse.

     This is an artifact that requires souls, it has the ability to melt in front of us thanks to its high DPS, this is because it has the ability to fire a large laser whose effect is to disintegrate enemies and even has the ability to stop those who can be more powerful.

    How to use souls in armors in Minecraft Dungeons?


     For armor, it is necessary to obtain a considerable amount of souls quickly, since not only artifacts require them, armor also needs them.


    The Robe of Alma and the Robe of the Sculptor.

     These two armor can be described as the best in Minecraft Dungeons, since it has some very interesting statistics, since knowing how to use souls is a necessary task since it offers us to have 50 damage, more than 30 percent to deny some attacks, taking as The main objective is to collect around 10 percent of souls.


     There are other armors in Minecraft Dungeons and here we explain what they increase.


    •  Ghost Armor requires the use of souls to increase the damage range by around 30 percent.
    • Freezing Armor requires the use of souls to awaken a snowmate and deals about 30 percent range damage.
    • The Grim Armor needs to use souls to gain 3 percent of the Life Steal Aura.
    • The Dark Armor needs to use souls to achieve around 35 percent damage reduction.


    How to use souls in weapons in Minecraft Dungeons ?


     Weapons also belong to the select group that requires souls, because thanks to them it allows us the opportunity to achieve objectives, considering that it is necessary to have the soul collection statistic, an extremely important factor to eliminate enemies, knowing how to use Souls are not complicated, we just need to get them through hand-to-hand combat and they are vital to start a battle.


     Then we leave you all the weapons that we can get in Minecraft Dungeons and that can be used to collect souls.


    Weapons of unique souls, They have 2 souls collection and bonuses and are the following:


    • The eternal knife.
    •  It is excellent for soul winning.
    • It has a push attack.


    Frost scythe.

     It has the ability to make mobs slow.


    Seeker of truth.

    •  It has push attack.
    • Increases damage to mobs that may be injured.


    Jailer's Scythe.

    •  It has chains and ties for enemies.


    The night arch.

    •  It has the ability to steal speed.


    The Summoner.

    •  It can attract enemies.


    The arc of lost souls.

    •  You have the opportunity to get a multi-shot.


    Soul fists.

    •  It has a relentless combo.
    • It has critical souls of impulse.


    The crossbow of fierce soul.

    •  It has critical souls of impulse.


    Common Soul Weapons, has 2 Soul Gathering.


    •  It has the Scythe of the soul.
    • The crossbow of the soul.
    • The arch of the soul.

     This is all we can say about How to use souls to make our way through Minecraft Dungeons a little less complex.

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