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With our Artifact Guide you will have the necessary guidance to progress in Minecraft Dungeons.

  In Minecraft Dungeons there are many interesting things among them we have the use of artifacts, so we need an Artifact Guide to learn more about this fact, so we have to pay close attention to the following content.

What should we know about the artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons?

Artifacts have a purpose of equal importance to abilities, in our journey we will find many of them, with which we will have special abilities that will improve our performance in the game, we have to equip them and they have a cooldown time, the Using artifacts allows us to understand many things, now to know more it is ideal that we pay due attention by reading what comes next in this Artifact Guide.
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    How to get artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons?

    Artifacts can be found by clearing the levels of the game, such as rare drops when randomly killing enemies, explorations of dungeons, in chests or throws, by performing an interaction with one of these we will collect, having It is possible to equip it in one of the boxes that are at the bottom left of the inventory menu screen, it is important to note that any of the boxes can serve this purpose.

    There is a time limit in which the artifacts will be cold, where each of them gives us different advantages of skill increases, among them the speed, damage and defense, we must take into account the fact that there is a cooldown time different for each of them, differentiating them from our objects, the artifacts cannot be improved, these will fall according to the rare and strength that depends on them, in the higher level areas where they will be cultivated.

    Every artifact has a level related to power, which is responsible for determining the amount of damage that can be done to our enemies and the duration of the effect it causes, an example of this is the Tasty Bone level 1, which gives us a wolf companion that has a lower level than 15, the combination with other equipment is possible, only in some situations, highlighting the firework arrow, a weapon capable of multiple shots at a distance, which allows improvements by combinations.

    It is important that we do not accumulate low-level artifacts, much less equip them, they have an average power level, which allows us to help us with the power level, so improving them by combination may be what we are looking for the most at the moment, thus being by the merchants.

    This is how we finish our Artifact Guide, hoping that you will get the best out of Minecraft Dungeons, a very busy game.

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