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Lidia Rozo
2020-06-02 17:05:54

More about: Minecraft Dungeons

Today we have decided to make a Guide of all the secret missions, since these are of great importance in Minecraft Dungeons.

Why talk about the secret missions in Minecraft Dungeons?

Normally one would believe that because they are secret, no one would choose to make a guide of all the secret missions, but it is not so bad, since we have set ourselves the objective of writing it so that they have support and this game is not complicated, since they are only 5 We can Get us in the dungeons, each one has a way to be successful but here we describe a way that is simple enough to execute and that allows us to advance as well as access another difficulty, since the objective is to make Minecraft Dungeons a rather striking and catchy game.

What are the secret missions in Minecraft Dungeons?

These 5 simple ones allow us to perform certain activities in the dungeons, then a guide to all the secret missions affected.
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The Soggy Cave.

This is a mission that requires you to achieve the adventure difficulty, because it is necessary to carry it out being in the supply area in the Soggy swamp, then from there you need to take another path that can carry you further in and once there press the button in order to claim the map.

The Creepy Crypt.

This is a very interesting mission that allows us to take the path to the temple and proceed to press the network button with which we can access the map only that this can be executed as soon as we have obtained to rescue the villagers in Creeper Woods.

Under the Hallways.

Our Guide to All Secret Missions leads us to interact with two wall shields only this can only end after you have descended a large staircase in Highblock Halls.

The Refuge Arch.

Our work here involves eliminating the enemies that they can get, because it will be necessary to be in the pumpkin pastures, because this happens before going to the Fortress to get us with the ship within the Adventurer difficulty, then later the elimination we can choose the map .

Achieve Cow Level.

This level allows us to get a very interesting secret mission but this means that we first have to unlock said level the detail is that we are obliged to unlock 9 specific runes for the same number of missions and that they can access the secret mission as such and this implies:

  • It is necessary to choose to defeat the Corrupt Cauldron and proceed to move to the columns that are located relatively close to the exit where it is possible to see the hidden button of mushrooms in Minecraft Dungeons to get the soggy Swamp.
  • A second chance is required to have rescued villagers to obtain the Stone Button from the Northwest Wall and find the Redstone Mines.
  • Once we have managed to save the villagers we will go to the bottom on the left side where it is possible to see a stone platform, there we will enter the ones and press the button for the rune choosing to get the Forest of vines.
  • Getting the library is one of the necessary tasks in Minecraft Dungeons, placing us halfway through the mission, it is only necessary to see the shelf where the button is in the room to find the Obsidian Palace.
  • We move in the foliage where we see that the button is hidden on the left side of the door that contains a blue key and we can find the Cactus Canyon.
  • As soon as we have managed to defeat the first wave of enemies, it will be necessary to go to the market in Medo of the rain to get the button on the right of a wall and opt for the Highblock Halls.
  • When we are in the middle of the level it is possible to observe a stone wall, our job is to follow it because we have seen some boxes, it is the place where the button will be and this allows us to get the Pumpkin Grasslands.
  • When we have finally managed to enter the forge we will get a deployed golem we observe that on the left side is the respective button that allows us to access the Burning Forge.
  • The last activity we need is to have the golden key with us and head east in order to find 2 palm trees behind the left we can see the button that allows us to get the Desert Temple.

Now that you know about the Guide to all the secret missions it is time to prepare and execute them on our own in Minecraft Dungeons.

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