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Minecraft: How to Breed Bees

2019-08-28 23:21:20

Learn with us to breed bees in Minecraft. More details here.

Minecraft has integrated bees into its game, these are small creatures that inhabit the biomes of the forest, they provide honey. So if you want to know how to breed bees, then continue reading.

How to breed bees in Minecraft?

First you should go to the grassy places, with a high rate of flowers. The best areas where you will probably find bees are in, flower forests, plains or sunflower plains. Being the first your best option.

How to reproduce bees?

To do this, you will have to pick a flower nearby and give it, no matter what type of flower it is. Once you have done it, the bees will begin to follow you. When you give the flower to one of them, you will enter a mode of love causing it to pair with a nearby adult bee. So that two bees can be in the same mode of love, you must give a flower to another bee, only then they will be together. It should be mentioned that this action can only be done every five minutes.

Now it's your turn to reproduce and breed bees in Minecraft.