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The searches continue in Minecraft and this allows us to tell you how to get a cape, let's see.

What is the layer in Minecraft?

This is nothing more than an aesthetic element with which we get in this game, because it does not have any specific action to execute with it as it is usually done with other artifacts, however getting it and adding it to our inventory does not hurt, because yes It is true that it only functions as a cosmetic object, it could be favorable to use it.

How to get a layer in Minecraft?

This is an interesting search that involves us in certain actions and these are:
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    Use the Mods: this makes it necessary to locate a mod that can offer us gaps related to layers, as this makes us get involved in much faster task, and without stopping doing it in the correct way, for this it is favorable to access a MineCraftCapes Mod.

    Choose to migrate the account:
    there is the possibility of migrating the Mojang account, and it is usually valid for users between October 2020 and the beginning of this year 2021, only between those dates, since from 2021 itself this option is not presented available, because it is not possible to create Java Edition accounts, in this sense, those who manage to migrate the account have the possibility of obtaining the layer as a type of reward.

    Participate in Minecon events:
    this is an activity that usually occurs only once a year which makes it vital to take advantage of it, for this it is necessary to take advantage of some forums to find out about this activity, this can be done a few months in advance, It should be noted that the next convention will take place this year 2022, and it is possible to attend in person or online, it is also good to make it clear that it is not necessarily guaranteed to get them, since the results can be sporadic, some players buy tickets and may be lucky enough to get the cape.

    This is all we know to date about how to get a cape. Well, it is necessary to try and try your luck in Minrcraft.

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