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In the universe of Minecraft we have many tasks, one of them is How to Make a Rainbow Sheep and here it will be covered in details.

What to know about the rainbow sheep in Minecraft?

It is an Easter egg related to a Sheep, which are a mob that produces wool and lamb, this allows our sheep to present color changes instantly, applicable to all sheep, so looking to know how to make them, it is ideal to follow this guide with the content that will present us next, let's see.

How to make a rainbow sheep in Minecraft?

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    The first thing to consider is that we must be on the version above the game update of v1.7.30, from this there are now some necessary elements for the rainbow sheep, being Anvil, sheep, name tag and 1 EXP, with all this We will right-click on the anvil that will take us to an interface box, we must write the name of jeb_ in the interface, keeping in mind the sensitivity of upper and lower case letters for all letters.

    The next thing is that we equip the tag with the name and right-click on the sheep with said tag with the name, we will see from now on that the color change begins in the sheep, it is necessary to highlight the existence of 16 color spectra that will lead to the original red color, the sheep will not disappear due to the name tag, continuously we will notice that the sheep will be seen changing color, apart from that there are orange spiral particles that come to emit a wololo sound.

    Now that we know how to make a rainbow sheep, you just have to do it to get something fun out of this interesting and busy world in Minecraft.

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