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Our work at Minecraft is getting more and more interesting, which leads us to tell you how to heal the enchantment.

Why heal the enchantment in Minecraft?

At some point the objects that we are obtaining or creating can be seen with a feeling that is not correct, then it is possible that some repair is required despite the outstanding durability that everything in the game has, in this guide we will have the orientation in As for how to cure the enchantment and to see the details we just have to go ahead with the reading, let's see what comes next.

How to cure enchantment in Minecraft?

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    At the time of curing an enchantment, certain experience will be consumed that is related to the durability of the object, being this consumption of 2 in durability for each experience point, it is important that we bear in mind that understanding how to heal the enchantment goes through the fact of doing it is only possible one by one at a time if we have more than one object to heal, it is something that will happen randomly because there is priority between these objects, perhaps there may be changes later through the updates, it is necessary that in Minecraft we first find a repair book, because most of the enchantments can be created with a table of enchantments, but if we talk about mending it is not like that, for that reason we will look for the necessary books, either for the purchase or the loot the only options that lead us to get them.

    •  Fishing can be a way to get books, doing the same as with fish in water sources, being the best option for repairing objects due to its ease.
    • Through the chests that are in the dungeons, temples, final cities and much more throughout the map, achieving between one and two books at most without having to do anything special.
    • Another option is through trade, for this we must locate a villager who is a librarian, they make the change of the book for an emerald.
    • When we are unable to locate a librarian it is possible to create one, for this are the villagers without profession, we attract some and give them a lectern, when they accept the work it is possible to make the exchange that the librarian normally does of books for emeralds, if not. We can remove the lectern to try again until we get the book of enchantments.

    Now to be able to use an enchantment book it is required to create an anvil, where the object that we wish to enchant is placed in the first slot of the anvil, in the second we will place the book and if for some reason we fail it is due to lack of experience to be able to enchant the chosen item.

    Now that you know how to cure the enchantment it is time to do it and continue in Minecraft.

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