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In Minecraft there are many basic things that not all players know how to do, so today we will tell you how to make a hopper.

What is a hopper in Minecraft?

It is one of the least used items by players, probably because it is not really very preferred, since it basically allows objects that fall on it to be stored in its internal inventory, similar to a chest, only with only 5 storage slots. It will do the same if it is placed on an oven or chest, absorbing the objects, on the other hand, if you connect a chest or oven at the bottom of it, the objects inside will be transferred at a speed of 4 objects per second, The same happens with the Box Car. But don't worry because you are not going to miss anything, right away we are going to tell you how to make a hopper.

How to make a hopper in Minecraft?

On how to make a hopper in Minecraft what you are going to need is a chest and five iron ingots.
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    Once you have all the ingredients, you will have to place the chest in the center of the work table> then you will have to place one ingot in the slot under the chest and two on each side, forming a "V".

    To make a chest, you will have to place eight wooden boards in a circle on a work table.

    To make an ingot, the first thing you have to do is get iron ore underground> then you will have to place it in a furnace and melt it with some fuel such as coal or wood to obtain the ingots.

    To be able to lift the hopper and move it you will have to use a pick, otherwise the elements inside will fall, and the hopper will be destroyed.

      That's all you have to know about how to make a Minecraft hopper, so now that you have it, we hope you can get your hopper and with it all the benefits it can offer you.

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