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2022-05-13 09:21:02

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Pay attention if you want to know how to make books in Minecraft, because here we will show you how easy it is to make them.

What are the books in Minecraft?

This is one of the many items you can find in the game that you can use for enchanting and crafting. But you'll definitely get more out of them in enchantments, so pay close attention to learning how to make books.

How to make books in Minecraft?

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    The first thing you have to do is find the necessary materials to be able to make books:

    • X3 paper, which can be made by grabbing a bundle of sugarcane.

    • Leather x1, which is obtained by killing multitudes of animals such as cows, horses, donkeys, mules and llamas, although it can also be made by combining four pieces of rabbit skin.

    With all the materials ready, you will have to go to a crafting table, where you must place three paper in the top row and a Leather in the central left slot. Which will result in a book.

    Books can be enchanted or used to make bookshelves, which will allow an enchanting table to be more powerful.

    You could also combine a quill and ink bag with the book, to make a book and quill to write whatever you want.

    That's all you need to know about how to make books in Minecraft, so now that we're done, we hope you'll be able to find all the necessary materials to make all the books you want quickly.

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