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Today we come with a Minecraft guide and its objective is to explain how to beat the Warden.

Who is the Warden in Minecraft?

This game offers us the possibility to get hold of some number of interesting elements, in such a way that knowing How to defeat the Warden allows us to locate this mob that has been recently included and leads us to run a search in the biome of the “Deep Caves and dark ”, this is a dangerous enough place for which it is necessary to be properly prepared.
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    How to beat the Warden in Minecraft?


     It is necessary to have a bow that has good enchantments, this favors us when carrying out some combats.

    We can choose to have some balls of nine or eggs, as this allows us to slow it down in the event that it is close enough to where we are located.

    We must choose to place ourselves at a high vantage point, in such a way that it is not only possible to retreat but also to charge against this mob some arrows to make it disappear.

    It is necessary to take care of making an escape door inside the hole, this in order to get the mob to enter this hole and then choose to fill it with water, this allows him to drown.

    Killing him is simply not an option, because they have developed him in this way, in this sense, it is necessary to lock him in a hole, also choose to be as silent as possible, because this mob can hear us easily, this in summary makes us choose to avoid it.

     In general terms, knowing how to beat the Warden makes us avoid this mob because there is no way to kill it, we can only catch it and that's it.

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