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Minecraft 1.14+: Island Seeds 2019

2019-10-15 10:34:49

Surely if you play Minecraft, you will be in search of the seeds of the island, in this guide we will tell you where to find them more easily.

We have designed this guide of Minecraft with which you will be able to find all the locations of the seeds of the game, we will give you the key locations, with them if what you want is to transport you to some specific place, the only thing you have to do is to copy the numbers of the place to which you want to make lavisita. To do so just enter the game and in the seed, then in the command window and type "teleport @s" enter the numbers of the key of the site you want to visit, just press the enter key, it will be transported immediately to the location Island Seeds.

What is the seed list of MinecraftIsland?

Next we are going to present you a list of the Island Seeds of Minecraft Island Seeds, these are: Island of the village, big island, island of the three ruins, huge island, big island, Tom Hanks island, Another island of the village, as you can see are a set of islands awaiting suvisita and exploration. They could be the best Island Seeds, seen on a large island, with mountainous features and very nice beaches.

What are the key island seed locations in Minecraft?

Next we will give you the list of the locations in which you must use the corresponding keys if you want to teleport to one of those locations, there you can get a very large island with a village attached to it, being there if you want you can build a large enough house of Minecraft, which are similar to those of the neighborhood the key locations are as follows:
  • Underwater wreck: -432 64-496
  • Village: -439 68 552
  • Monument of the ocean: 350 61-255
  • Village Island (Java)
  • Iceberg shipwreck: -219 77-185
  • Underwater wreck: 2 58 -216
 If you are one of the players who are bored with the beach and the islands, we also recommend the desert where you can get a temple and a very nice village, can not be considered as an ordinary village, if you explore this area you can get something very important, it is an apple generator, you can also get a forest where a very large village is housed similar to the Island Seeds, the locations clavesson the following:
  • Forest Village: -740 70212
  • Desert Temple: -307 783 554
  • Tom Hanks (Java)      
  • DesertVillage w Dungeon Spawner: -650 64 570
There are other types of Island Seeds in another location, there you will get shipwrecks and great oceanic monuments, it won't be a very good island where you will generate, but you can go west right there you will get one of the monuments and a better island waiting for you to build, the key locations in Minecraft are:
  • Village: 805 73-325

  • Near shipwreck: 24 65-128
  • Ocean Monument: -127 61-158
  • Village: -906 73-147
  • Three Ruin Island (bedrock)
  • Best island: -346 72-31
  • Ocean Monument: 191 61-270
The following Island Seeds are going to present an oceanic biome big enough, very close to the island in which you will be located, you will get another island close with three ruins in the top, surely you will be able to get in each one of the ruins a chest, this will guarantee you a very interesting booty to start your construction, there are many Island Seeds that are found in this place of Minecraft, their key locations are the following ones:

  • Town: -759 72 980
  • Ravine with mine shaft: -883 32 987
  • Island of the Three Ruins: 380 64173
  • Ruins of the underwater ocean: 610 33 815
  • Desert Village: -1113 66 1078
  • Another island in the village (bedrock)
  • Ravine: -475 39 582
This is all we can tell you until the island seeds moments at Minecraft, we hope our guide has been of great help to you, as usual thank you for always being with us.

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