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This article comes just in time for you to know how to recruit a horse in Miitopia, so read on.

What is the function of the horse in Miitopia?

The horse is one of the allies that you can have in the game, being a highly customizable ally in terms of its appearance and a very strong member of your team. For this reason it will be worth knowing how to recruit a horse.

How to recruit a horse in Miitopia?

When you start the game, you will have the mission to find all the faces stolen by the Dark Lord to the first city in the game. You will have to search the first region, cleaning nodes and building equipment. There will come a time when before reaching the final part of the first region, before accessing the castle, you will find some mobs with a horse.
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    Eliminate the mobs taking care of the horse so that it wants to follow you so that it becomes part of your main team.

    Fortunately, it will not be necessary to replace an active Mii in the group to join, it will simply join as an additional member of the group.

    As we mentioned before, the horse is highly customizable, being able to change it from color, to placing horns on it.

    Knowing how to recruit a horse in Miitopia, you must bear in mind that all your characters can increase their bond with the Horse, which allows you to unlock skills.

      That is all you have to know about how to recruit a horse in Miitopia, so we hope that after reading this article you can recruit your horse without problem and obtain all the possible skills by increasing the bond of your characters with it.

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