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If you don't know how to control party members when playing Miitopia, you'll learn how to do it with the following article.

Why control party members when playing Miitopia?

When you start the game you will start with your main Mii, but as you progress, you will be able to recruit group members, with different jobs and skills. The point is that during a battle you only control your character completely, while the rest of the group has autonomy to use their abilities. Which can be of little use when you want the whole group to focus their skills on one thing or use a specific skill. So it is important to know how to control group members.

How to control group members in Miitopia?

The first thing to understand is that it is not possible to control your party members at any time during their adventure in any battle.

However, you can still do some things that will affect, to some extent, the behavior of your party during a battle.
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    In this sense, personalities play an important role in the way fights are approached, in addition to the fact that you will have advantages with each one.

    Group members with a kind personality can protect their companions from an attack, but sometimes they may not attack the enemy caused by the same kindness.

    You can have special abilities such as protecting each other and more, increasing the bond between two teammates, this can be achieved through external activities or fighting together, which will help all members of the group help each other

      That's all you have to know about how to control group members in Miitopia, so now that you know, we hope that despite not being able to exercise full control over your team members, you can control certain elements that allow a more controlled work of the staff.

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