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Today we bring you a Miitopia guide, in which we will talk about all jobs list.

What to know about Miitopia?

It is a game for the Nintendo Switch, which a while ago was first seen for the DS, with this updated version with its interesting style to seek to be striking, where something that is capable of capturing people is the freedom to choose, here they are presented Multiple cosmetic customization options, with many jobs for our choice, where each one turns out to be similar to a class, with its different characteristics, so to understand in detail the opportunity is presented in this guide to talk to you about a List of all jobs, you just have to pay attention to the following content.

What are all jobs in Miitopia?

It is important to consider the List of all the works that will be presented, considering that at the beginning only 6 options are presented, then with the progress in Miitopia more are presented, let's see the following details:
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    •  Warrior: the focus of this is in the direction of the damage of a specific objective, in defense, presenting great capacity in HP, attack and defense, for depending on the group of the List of all jobs it is a physical member , only that it is somewhat slow and with zero MP it will start.
    • Magician: it is the opposite of the warrior, the magic attacks go in the direction of a single enemy, causing significant damage even to a group of enemies, we have that this work is the only one that in Miitopia becomes higher than level 50, being The featured spells fire, lightning and blast.
    • Cleric: his work focuses on healing, they have great MP, speed and magic capabilities, they are weak for defense and the restoration of life points therefore it is their strongest point, apart from reviving the fallen , something of importance from the List of all jobs.
    • Thief: this turns out to be very skilled, has great speed, good HP and MP, manages an interesting group of skills in Miitopia, among which there are attacks, traps, sneak attacks and logically robberies.
    • Pop Star: out of the List of all jobs, this turns out to be the stupidest, his focus being solely on clothing, despite the fact that he presents some abilities that reinforce the statistics.
    • Chef: his focus is cooking, he can prepare healing foods for all members, he has good stats at Miitopia on attacks and defense.


     Once we have passed the Greenhorne region we can have access to the List of all the jobs that are unlocked in the following details:


    •  Cat: this has a high level of tack and speed, uses multistrikes with increases in strength causing great damage, it is also good for personal restoration, with a few skills that allow healing of HP and elimination of states.
    • Gnome: the focus of this work is magic damage, capable of draining the statistics of enemies, robbing them of life points and MP, reducing even his defenses, he can also restore his MP and status effects by Miitopia.
    • Scientist: the main focus of this work is the area of ​​effect attacks and support skills, capable of attacking multiple enemies, adds attack enhancers to its cause that allows us to keep our group immune to the effects of states.

    When we have progressed through the second region of Neksdor, we have another List of all the unlocked jobs, being necessary to clear the place and these are the following:


    •  Tank: the attack and defense levels are quite high, they are ideal for the combination with the pop star, this being more of a tank suit.
    • Princess: upon reaching the kingdom of fey we have this job available in Miitopia, which has the ability to restore MP and status effects.
    • Flower: it is a kind of mix between magician and cleric, which allows healing while causing significant damage, with Flower's attack it is capable of damaging all enemies.


     With the use of the amulets we can access a couple of more jobs apart from the 12 mentioned above, these being the last on the List of all jobs and these are the following:


    •  Elf: at the end of Galados island we have access to the elf amulet, this turns out to be a job that allows us to use the bow, standing out in everything except statistics such as HP and speed, being important in the area of ​​healing.
    • Vampire: when we have the bat amulet we can use this job, with which it is possible to steal enemy HP, apart from the use of the curse ability that will cause half the damage we receive on the attacker, the amount of HP of this work is superior to all the others but if they are slower than all as well.

     We hope that the information detailed here about the List of all jobs has been useful to improve your performance in Miitopia.

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