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Mighty Quest For Epic Loot: How to Free Guild Fellows - Tips and tricks

2019-11-29 13:26:05

This time we're going to talk in well-explained detail about How to Free Guild Partners in Mighty Quest For Epic Loot.

 In Mighty Quest For Epic Loot we are going to meet with the new added recently, which will bring with it new challenges and rewards that we are going to be able to obtain, there are now some new missions that are related to the members of the guilds, between these there is one that will oblige us to know How to free the guild companions, for it the content that we are going to have next.

What to do before to free the guild partners in Mighty Quest For Epic Loot?

 Our first step is to join a guild, in the bottom menu we will find an icon of a flag, click here, we will receive several suggestions on the front screen for us to join a guild, these indicate that we can join one or simply create our own, we will have no problems to which guild we are going to join.

How to free the guild partners in Mighty Quest For Epic Loot?

After we are already in a guild, at the top of the screen of the guild, we will have options, Manage, Activities and Buy, here we choose Activities, this refers to the option of Hunting guild, this hunt will lead us to face an enemy of great qualities, enormous and powerful. These opponents are very strong unlike other types of enemies, become almost impossible to defeat them, but our goal is that before the time runs out to cause as much damage as possible.

 Our allies will surely find death continuously, this will not be the end of them, with which we place them in a coffin, then attack those coffins will release them, doing this we will access the reward, to succeed in releasing our partners is good and better to be away from the action, so we will have to wait until the left side of the screen see the coffins, as soon as this happens we will attack and our guild partners will be released.

 Thus we arrive at the end of this explanation, which was of How to free the companions of guild in Mighty Quest For Epic Loot, was presented in this guide the guidelines that will lead us to obtain it.

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