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Might and Magic Heroes Era of Chaos: How To get Troops and Units

2019-12-06 15:21:14

The topic of this guide is how to get troops and units in Might and Magic Heroes Era of Chaos.

We find one of the mobile games of Ubisoft, being this Might and Magic Heroes Era of Chaos, in this game we are going to run into endless micro transactions, if we want to buy items that lead us to level up we must have money for this, now if We want it for free, we must know how to get troops and units and for this the present content of this guide, which is recommended to follow to resolve any doubts you may have about it.

How to get troops and units in Might and Magic Heroes Era of Chaos?

There are many places in this game that will lead us to cultivate the troops and units, for which we have:

  • Gentleman

We will get many chips when playing, so this unit will be possible to grow from the very beginning of the game, we can win it in Underground in chapters 1 and 3.

  • Swordsman

In the case of this, it has been the one that we will be using the most frequently, cultivating it more frequently, in the beginning we will have this unit and we will achieve more by advancing in the game.

  • Hell dogs

In order to obtain this unit it will be enough that we win chips and advance the game, where we will also win it in Underground Chapter 3.

  • Vampire

This can be grown in underground chapters 2 and 3 when playing the campaign to get some of this unit but also free draws will be a means of obtaining them.

How to get troops and units in another way in Might and Magic Heroes Era of Chaos?

They require additionally 3 options in which to cultivate units or troops, by means of the free draws, the underground and by keeping playing constantly, by means of the draws it will be something simple, when playing it is possible that we obtain silver keys, with these we can open normal boxes, with 10 of these keys we will get a guaranteed unit token, now if we have the power to control the chips that we will receive, the subway will be the right place to grow here there are dungeons that we can play every time we We want and the rewards will be worth it.

What is certain is that by just playing the different modes that this game has, we will cultivate many troops.

With this I finish the guide, where the topic of conversation was how to get troops and units in Might and Magic Heroes Era of Chaos, which leads us to expect this content to be very useful.

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