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Metro Exodus in an exclusive temporary platform of Epic Games

2019-02-25 13:23:57

Deep Silver took the controversial decision to make Metro Exodus an exclusive temporary platform Epic Games, only those users who had already made the pre-purchase of the title on Steam before the announcement could get the game on the platform of Valve. However, despite the generalized bad reaction that this decision provoked in PC users, the game is receiving positive reviews in general.

 This is how the game currently had an average score of 81.6 in Metacritic, contrary to the treatment that was expected by critics accompanying the outrage caused by the exclusivity around its launch. Sales are also showing good numbers, since only in the United Kingdom are retail sales 50% higher than those of Metro: Last Light. However, many users feel that review-bombing is an excellent way to demonstrate discontent with Deep Silver's controversial decision, as they have demonstrated over the last few years, considering it an Internet phenomenon.

But as mentioned, in the opposite direction of what the tide would suggest, the Steam version of the Exodus Metro is being received by means of a "very positive" score, based on the more than one thousand criticisms that has. It can be described as an inverse effect to the review-bombing phenomenon, although there also seem to be other reasons for this circumstance to occur. Many players praise the game in a real way based on its quality, and others apparently use the Steam review system as a platform to echo their criticisms of the way the Epic Games store operates. Thus, some of the "very positive" criticisms that the game receives have no hint of bad comments towards the Epic Games Store.

Valve to emphasize the fact that to review a game on the Steam platform, you must own the game in it. This means that the qualification we can currently find of Metro Exodus is based on reviews of the players who managed to pre-purchase the title before the exclusivity announcement that withdrew the later purchase option on Steam.

This is undoubtedly a quality of which the game is benefiting fortunately, because most likely if the rating system were open for all users the title would be under the mentioned phenomenon of review-bombing, something that would be that the quality of the game really generates in its players.