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Metal Wolf Chaos XD: How to Save - tips and tricks

2019-08-08 23:01:37

In this guide you can find the detailed explanation of tips, tricks and how to save in Metal Wolf Chaos XD.

What details to take into account before knowing how to save in Metal Wolf Chaos XD?

When leaving an old game in a new edition, it is normal to know if it has any changes, as in this case of Metal Wolf Chaos XD. What should be clear is that the images were updated but it retains many things from the previous version as the way of saving that is more complicated than today's games, here we will explain how to save in Metal Wolf Chaos XD.

How to save in Metal Wolf Chaos XD?

The first thing to note is that its save system is very old, you select a file to save and then continue from this point, the difficulty is in determining when it is saved in the game, there is an automatic save but from this It is difficult to save when you want to do it, for this reason it is reliable to finish the level in which you can find yourself, since there are no control points or something similar, if you manage to complete the mission it will be a guarantee that your game was saved being able to continue On the next level.

Finally we have to say that the changes are more graphically so to save in Metal Wolf Chaos XD you must consider the methods of the past to do so, with this guide you have an idea of ​​how to defend yourself before this system.