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One of the interesting tasks in Medieval Dynasty is to know how to increase technology and here we explain everything you need.

How to increase technology in Medieval Dynasty?

  There are two particular ways of doing it, since each one is dedicated to a specific sector, since in the same way it does not usually work for everything, also some tasks require different technology:


  •   In the case of construction, it is necessary to increase technology by building some structures or making some improvements to those that already exist.
  • In the case of agriculture, technology can be increased by sowing seeds and plowing.

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    What is the use technology in Medieval Dynasty?

      It is important to make it clear that without technology it is not possible to progress in this game, although it is true here there is a lot dedicated to construction and agriculture, it is important to know about technology, even though this may become somewhat complex, as it is necessary for various tasks And it is important to consider that the more advanced it may be, the larger the structure will be, therefore, the more breast requirements it will demand.

      The technology is used in:

    •   Great structures.
    • Building construction.
    • In Agriculture.
    • Creation of structures for food storage.

      Generally speaking, knowing how to increase technology allows us to have some interesting amount of improvements and creations in Medieval Dynasty.

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