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MechWarrior 5: How to Unlock Quests

2019-12-12 13:52:42

MechWarrior 5 is a very new game and it's normal that many players still don't know how to unlock missions and that's why we prepared this guide.

How do you get rewards in MechWarrior 5?

To get rewards in this game you will have to complete big and dangerous contracts, but if you really want to win a lot of rewards we recommend you to complete the missions of the game and for this you have to know how to unlock them.

How to unlock MechWarrior 5 missions?

To quickly find a mission you simply have to find the yellow icons in the Star Map. These markers will tell you where a mission is available, you simply have to go to that marker to accept the contract. Keep in mind that the search will not appear in the Contracts tab. For this you will first have to open the Home tab in which you will find a transmission to the right of the screen.
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    You will have to open the transmission to be able to access a general description of the contract although quite basic, there will be some things like the types of objectives and the parts of the mission that will not appear, a little below you will be able to review the rewards although some only appear once the contract has been completed.

    Accept the contract and it will appear on the Contracts tab.

    Accepting is where the rest of the details such as the types of objectives will appear. By accepting you don't necessarily have to complete the contract if you're not ready. You can just fly away and wait a while for it to expire.

    Upon completing the first part of the search you will need to return to the Home tab to pick up any additional parts, note that you will need to complete all parts to receive the reward.

     So ends the guide on how to unlock the missions of MechWarrior 5 and now that you know how to unlock missions and in general lines in what they consist, it only remains to begin to complete your objectives to be receiving the rewards as you complete them.

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