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Mario Kart Tour: How to use all Items

2019-09-26 14:39:34

We have prepared a list for you to know how to use all  Items  found in Mario Kart Tour.

In Mario Kart Tour we find the items randomly through the game, they are scattered around the tracks, then we will see how to use all  Items , we have a total of 25 elements.

How to use all  items that are in Mario Kart Tour?

The bananas.

ü Normal banana: this article works so that the enemies fall as it serves as an obstacle, and on the other hand it gives you protection when they execute attacks from behind against you.

ü Giant banana: this banana has a certain resemblance to the previous banana with a difference and is that it can become three bananas when it receives the first blow.


ü The first bob-omb serves to exploit the opposing players, it can explode after a certain time has passed, or simply by touching it it will explode, this can be used when the rivals have made you fall.

ü Bob-ombs double, this article has the same functionality as the previous one but with great detail that the explosion caused is doubly greater.

The cannons.

ü Mushroom cannon: this is a weapon in Mario Kart Tour that serves to shoot mushrooms in a certain period of time.

ü Banana barrels: these are cannons that are used to throw bananas at rivals for a certain time during the course of the race.

The shells

ü Green shell: this article has two functions, the first is to shoot forward to avoid being hit by another go-kart, the second function is to protect yourself from the attacks that cause you from behind in the game.

ü Triple green shells: these are shells that can be thrown from top to bottom, or in some cases all at once, as long as it is straight, these shells tend to rotate around your kart.

ü Red shell: this element has two functions used to shoot an opponent and to cover us.

ü Spiny shell: used to hit other players when you go in search of the runner who remains in the pole position of the race.

ü Browser shell: this shell is from Browser and has the ability to kill several opponents in the race, since it is a fairly large and strong shell, so it can cause blunt blows.


ü Mushroom: this is so you can get great speed so using it is a great help to get there fast.

ü Triple mushrooms: these mushrooms are used to make your speed last a little longer.

ü Mega Mushroom: the function that this fungus fulfills is phenomenal, because it allows us to cross opponents for a period of time, since it makes us grow in size, you see how to use all  Items of the game are valuable, so let's continue with our list.


ü Fire flower: these flowers are actually 3 fireballs that can be thrown either forward or backward, they are used individually, these are three items that are won.

ü Boomerang Flower. This object serves to collect coins with which you are in the race, also serves to launch the boomerang so that the other karts can spin with the blow.

There are a number of individual items that add to the previous ones, so let's see how to use all  Items that are available on Mario Kart Tour.

ü Seven of luck: this is perhaps the most complete element that exists because it is made up of 7 different items, which can be used individually and you have to be very lucky to get it, this object is made up of the super horn, the bob -omb, the green shell, the fungus, the blooper, the banana and the red shell.

ü Bullet bill: when you manage to become the bullet bill accounts with the possibility of overtaking other players in the race.

ü Blooper: this is an object that you can use to shoot and that opponents can slide on the track.

ü Lightning: this is an article that we can use to make opponents slow, since the blows caused by this element will spin them.

ü Super horn: this object can be used to defend against other items that throw you, it can also make other runners fly as it is an article that makes too much noise.

ü The currency: in reality during the course of the race they are useless for anything, but it is necessary to get them.

ü The heart .: we can expand the ability to obtain up to 5 hearts, since a single heart can protect you from a single attack, because this article works around the kart for a period of time.

ü Egg of Yoshi: this article throws 3 elements once it has been broken, it is in front of you in the kart.

ü The compass: this article serves to increase the speed in the race, and provides the ability to float comfortably when we are in the air, it works like a shield that protects the kart for a certain time, it is not permanent.

We hope that our guide has been clear enough about how to use all  Items found on Mario Kart Tour.

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