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Our journey through Maneater seems to be just beginning, we are going to discover where to find grottos

What are grottos in Maneater for?

Normally we have the possibility of becoming explorers and choose to get the grottos, but the detail is that if we do not know where to look for this it will become extremely complicated, as we move forward we may be told where to get some grottos but this means that We must have some knowledge about how to get to them, it should not be difficult, but just not having enough knowledge becomes complex, especially if we focus on these grottos can be used as fast travel points.
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    Where to find grottos in Maneater?

    Grotto markers are often given as we go through the story, the important thing is to focus on whether the story can be located specifically in a place that is useful, since in reality they should allow us easy access to some regions, but not necessarily the option that history can mark a grotto, if this is the particular case, it is ideal to get the final deep buoy that will undoubtedly bring us directly to the grotto, which is already excellent.

    Normally each area has a buoy that serves as a guide, and its resemblance is somewhat strange, it contains some orange cables whose purpose is to feed the small submarines of grottos, these cables without being easy to identify not only because they twist if not because they shine, this is the best way to get the grottos in a way that does not seem very difficult and with total certainty of reaching the objective, whose functionality is exceptional, since the grottos will help us to travel as quickly as possible possible between regions.

     In one way or another, knowing where to find grottos allows us to get an excellent way of mobilizing in Maneater.

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