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Man of Medan: how to get the Ending where they kill everyone

2019-08-29 23:43:56

Then we bring a fabulous guide to get the Ending  where they kill everyone in Man of Medan.

In the adventure called Man of Medan we will simply see many dialogues, as well as, different endings, where some characters manage to stay alive or in other cases die too soon, since the plot is somewhat slow, that is, a spoiler warning in the game.

How to get the Ending  where they kill everyone in Man of Maden?

Let's start by mentioning the names of the characters to get the end of all of them. We started with Julia, she dies a little tragically because, it is on a dive once she has returned to the ship in Brad's company, you must make sure not to decompress it while in the water, then Alex warns you about decompression sickness much later when you They offer a drink, ignore the adcertencia, have a couple of drinks and you will see that Julia finally bends and ready dies immediately.

Life goes on for the rest of the characters, as they remain active and after the tragedy, they lock themselves in the bedroom to plan how to take the ship away from the pirates, as Conrad opened the conversation, so be optimistic and say that the ship if you can steal, then, be alert and when the thunder comes break the window, because this noise will not be noticed, this gives way, so that you go looking for the option to get rid of Conrad, for this just press QTE, so you hit the window and generates some sound in man of Maden. When this happens, Conrad will jump from the ship to a smaller one, once this happens, hit the QTE of the heart and when it is reflected take the alternative to escape, do not take any knife, or try to attack a pirate, approach the small boat that is there and hit the QTE exactly so that Conrad can not be captured, then turn on the boat engine and navigate as far away as you can.

So that Conrad dies, it is simple, being in the boat he will be shot by Olsen, when the QTE has been lost, he will obviously bleed from the bullet and this will cause his death.

Then, in the next scene of the game another detail is achieved that is included to get the end where they kill everyone and it is Alex's death, this happens specifically in the scene of the rats and the distributor's cap, there you will be playing with Alex and suddenly a rather fierce two headed monster appears, at this moment you are presented with two options to eliminate Alex or the monster, if you don't do it nobody will die but the hallucination can be Fliss in Man of Medan.

Once you have the option of stabbing yourself do it, after that, make sure to attack the ugly monster that appeared earlier when you played with Alex, there you discover that Fliss was really and that who was hallucinating was Alex.

When you go to Brad's death and see that the team gets the radio and they decide to separate to locate the generator, you must be sure that Alex sinks with Julia, so Fliss and Brad remain united, with the passing of the scenes Brad will want to exporate on his own and this creates a battle with Olsen in a remote place.

Then, Alex appears again with the aim of helping, for this he needs to close a door for Brad to run away, he will have two options, wait a second or run to the door, it is important that you wait a bit and keep fighting with Olsen so you can grab the hat

As Olsen manages to get on top of you, then, simply, Alex will throw the door so that it falls on Brad and kill him, this causes the distributor's lid to break and thus achieve the end where they kill everyone in Man of Medan.

Finally, all the details and steps to be followed are described so that you can achieve the end where all the characters are killed in Man Of Medan.

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