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Man of Medan: How to Get All Endings

2019-09-01 16:26:12

We are already more than ready to tell you how to get all endings the Man of Medan.

When you really are a fan of a game, you do practically everything you need to get all  endings, only of course, this is not so easy to achieve. Fortunately, in this guide we are going to tell you, everything you need to know about how to get all endings Man of Medan.

How to get all the endings in Man of Medan.

Next, we will tell you everything you will need to live the full experience of all endings in detail.

Conrad comes to the rescue - endings in Man of Medan

In the final east, if Conrad steals the pirate boat at the start of the game during the kidnapping, he can return to Medan and bring a bigger boat to help the rest of the group.

Although if you don't give your coordinates over the radio and find the cover, the group can escape before Conrad returns, he will be left alone and will end up going crazy over his allusions.

Military "Rescue" - endings in Man of Medan

In this final, you and your group may have a radio with which to send signals for rescuers. wait, not so fast, if you give your coordinates the military will arrive at your location and kill them all, so be careful.

If you ruin the first conversation on the radio without being able to leave the coordinates, you can fix it by turning on the generator.

On the other hand, if you decide on the distributor's lid when spoiling the QTE with the rats that are in the body of Olsen you will not be able to access the boat or you will be lost again.

Another option is when the group separates in search of the generator, at this point, it is necessary that Brad and Fliss go together just like Julia and Alex.

At one point in the search, Brad will meet Olson and Alex will have to go to save Brad from dying. Here it is necessary for Alex to try to close the door for Olson so that no one dies and this will also prevent the lid from breaking.

Inevitably the military helicopter will have to arrive and this only means death. The military shoots killing everyone to protect the secret of the Ourang Medan. Yes in this end everyone dies.

Caught in prison - endings in Man of Medan

This end involves the radio again, however, here you can give the coordinates to the military but you must not say the real name of the ship. This will save the group from being killed by the military, however, they will end up locked up in prison, but at least alive.

Man of Medan - endings in Man of Medan

In contrast to the end of the "military rescue", this turns out to be a good ending, here the group manages to escape using the Fliss boat. But not without having kept the distributor lid safe and ready.

In the part of the credits there will be an insert in which a helicopter appears from where two men go down to explore, at one point Danny appears and hits the men using a mallet.

No cap for the boat and no help - endings in Man of Medan

To achieve this end, it is necessary that you do not use the radio, keep the generator paid and do not take care of the distributor cover.

In this final the whole group ends up trapped in Ourang Medan minus Fliss, he uses the boat to paddle through the water in search of currents while everyone stays in the boat.

In the end, Julia ends up hallucinating upon returning and we can see a scary face of Brad while smiling.

In this way we finalize our guide on how to get all endings in Man of Medan, and now that you know precisely how to get all endings, you will be ready for a complete gaming experience. We have much more doomed about Man of Medan that you will surely want to review and take advantage of.

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