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Man of Medan: How to end the game with Julia alive

2019-08-30 21:57:36

In this Man of Medan guide, we will tell you how to end the game with Julia alive, since the main objective of the game is to keep 5 characters safe, we will help you here with Julia.

This game of Man of Medan, brings us as main objective five very special characters throughout it, these people you have to keep safe which is extremely difficult to achieve. In this guide we focus on how to end the game with Julia alive, being one of the most important characters.

How to keep Julia alive in Man of Medan

Julia, this character runs the risk of being killed easily, you can even disappear in one of the stages of Man of Medan. Now let's see the moments when Julia is in danger, on one occasion during the game Julia will look for some remains, when she is ready to climb to the surface, she will observe another boat that moves quickly and then explodes the boat, There you have to make a decision, surface or stay to investigate. But unfortunately another explosion occurs, and you must follow the same steps, you have to decompress what happened, do not rush to surface without doing the right thing.

There will be temptations that can lead you to make a mistake, so you should not accept a beer for the whole world, when everyone is gathered in the boat relaxed and telling stories. If you get to get the beer before decompressing completely Julia will die in another scene specifically when you think she escaped. But keep in mind that this is not the only way you can attempt on Julia's life, because there are two more ways that threaten her life.

 Remember that you must end the game with Julia alive, so you must be aware when you get to the ghost ship, because at some point Julia and her partner Alex are thrown into the water, just then Julia observes many Alex. Once you manage to get out of this, remember that you play as Julia, you will have to fulfill several QTE sequences, if you fail this test, unfortunately Julia will be trapped behind a door and then will be killed.

Another risk of Julia dying in Man of Medan, is precisely in one of everyone's meetings on the ship, just when they try to use a radio, the generator shuts down. While you're still in that section, you're going to see one of your enemies just with a gun, but you have to have the power to convince him that the fog is real since he refuses to accept it. If you get to mention that the fog is not real, he won't think twice and shoot in Julia's head. So you can not end the game with Julia alive.

This is all dear friends, we hope our guide has been useful to you in Man of Medan, follow our tips and steps so that you can end the game with Julia alive. Remember each of the three assassination attempts we have cited.