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Next we are going to tell you everything you need to know about how many colors of cards are in a deck in Magic Legends, so pay attention.

What is Magic Legends about?

This is the online action RPG set in the Magic: the Gathering Multiverse that was developed by Cryptic Studios and premiered a couple of days ago. Many users have been wondering how many card colors they can have in a deck, that's why we put together this article covering it all for you.

How many colors of cards are in a deck in Magic Legends?

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    Everything will depend on the class choice, the starting class will limit you to a single color in your deck.

    Naturally at one point you will be able to unlock other classes and more colors, but you are limited to basically two deck colors at most, although this number may expand at some point later.

    As we mentioned earlier, the starting class will limit you to one spell color in your deck, but it is after you complete Tazeem that you can add more colors to your deck.

    That is all you have to know about how many colors of cards are in a deck in Magic Legends, we hope that our guide has been as informative as possible for you and for you to achieve the colors you want in your deck.

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