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Love Esquire:How to raise Stats

2019-10-21 13:53:06

Next we make a guide where we will leave you a list about How to raise Stats in Love Esquire.

How to raise Stats in Love Esquire?

    The first thing we need to know is that in order to increase statistics we need to improve 3 skills and these are:

  Ø Intellect.
  Ø Strength.
  Ø Charisma.

How can we increase the statistics of Intellect?

  We must visit the archives to be able to train this skill, as obtaining this skill offers us the improvement of Squire over himself and Hugh.

  Ø Collecting 10 coins increases to 10 XP.
  Ø Collecting 25 coins increases to 2 XP.
  Ø Getting 100 coins increases to 50 XP.

How can we increase the strength statistics?

    To increase the strength statistics we will have to visit the barracks and train the strength skill, this allows us to improve the booty and HP life points, these can be used to be able to mock and protect Hugh not to receive any damage from any enemy in Squire.

    On the other hand if squire's life is less than or equal to 1hp, after having received a blow from the first enemy, obviously the second and third enemy will seek to attack Hugh, so if Hugh reaches zero of life the campaign will have ended for the day.

    To increase the strength we need:

  Ø 10 coins to increase the XP to 10.
  Ø 25 coins to increase the XP to 25.
  Ø 100 coins to increase the XP to 50.

How can we increase charism statistics?

To increase the charisma it is necessary to visit the tavern, this ability improves the attack of Hugh, the ideal is that the highest possible, of hanging of the level of charisma that we have the attack Cheer of Hugh will inflict more damage to the enemies that arise.

Ø 10 coins increase to 10 XP.
Ø 25 coins increase to 25 XP.
Ø 100 coins increases to 50 coins XP.

What are the benefits of increasing all statistics if we reach level 7 in Love Esquire?

It is important to know that we must achieve 4 achievements and 4 special skills of higher level, since the rest must be 100 to be used and also take v 4 / turns for each.

Ø Ultimate Flex: this allows any damage we receive to be cured later, because it works with a certain resemblance to mockery, only here Squire is transformed so that it is a little more invincible in 1 turn.
Ø Final Climax: this allows Hugh to do more crazy damage to enemies.
Ø Fisting God: this allows squire to plunder between 70 and 80 % in a single turn.
Ø Angelical Healing: this serves to heal 1/3 of life to Squire and Hugh, in 3 turns he will be healed with 1/5 life.

We hope that our guide fulfills the expectations and you know how to increase the statistics in Love Esquire.

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