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Below you can find everything you need to know if you wonder how to use potions in Loop Hero.

What is Loop Hero?

The title belongs to the strategy role-playing video game developed by Four Quarters, in which you will have to immerse yourself in a seemingly endless journey of discovery and combat. The title was released on February 3 and although many RPG titles handle healing as a subscription process, in this game it happens automatically if you have positions, so here we will tell you how to use potions.

How to use potions in Loop Hero?

You'll be able to get potions by reaching the end of the loop, marked by the cool looking camp tile, giving you access to two more health potions, as long as you already have the Herbalist's Hut upgrade in camp.

Herbalist's Hut is one of the first buildings you can build in your camp, however several loops will be required if you want to collect all the following resources:

  • x2 preserved wood.
  • x3 preserved stones
  • x4 food supplies to build the herbalist's hut.

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    You will be able to obtain these resources during loops by placing cards that drop from enemies after each battle.

    The prairie card placement mechanic will allow you to get a portion of the 12 needed to make a food supply. After placing the cards you will receive the preserved pebbles, and 10 Pebbles will make a Preserved Stone. After placing Grottos in the circuit you will have to get a stable Branch, and 12 of them will become Preserved Wood.

    You can choose to place a Treasure card with transparent blocks around it and get the blocks with Meadow, Rock or Mountain cards. If you include a treasure card with these, you will receive a profit in resources, plus you can also stack resource cards in groups, which will allow you to get good rewards for completing a 3x3 grid.

    When you have the Herbalist's Cabin, you can access the expeditions with two health potions, which will allow you to access two more potions at the end of each cycle as a reward.

    Please note that any potions obtained at the end of the cycle that exceed this number will be lost.

     That's all you have to know about how to use potions in Loop Hero, we hope our article has been very clear, and you can successfully access potions whenever you need them, just remember that their use is automatic.

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