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Look at the face of Cristiano Ronaldo wearing the Cappy cap of Super Mario Odyssey

2018-12-02 23:11:41

The photo already has more than 5 million 'likes', and although you might think it's some kind of Nintendo advertising campaign, its products in this social network), and it seems a very spontaneous gesture. We do not know how that cap came to the Juventus dressing room or if Cristiano is fond of the game, but it gives the impression that a sports star that charges millions of euros for any advertising campaign makes this promotion free to Nintend

Seeing the face that put in the photo, anyone would say that Cristiano Ronaldo was also transformed by Cappy, as it happens to Mario when he throws the cap to the enemies and characters of the game. We must remember that Cristiano Ronaldo is the image of FIFA 19, one of the most successful games of the year, although after being involved in a scandal Electronic Arts wanted to dissociate quietly from the player