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Life is Strange 2 Guide: move the trunk and the Fallen Tree

2019-05-14 20:43:17

Discover how to move the fallen tree in Life is Strange 2.

As many will know, in episode 3 of Life is Strange 2 the brothers Sean and Daniel were quite limited by a huge obstacle. It's a fallen tree that interrupts the passage of these characters, and removing it will not be easy, since you must execute certain combinations of buttons and other tricks.

If you have interest in knowing how to move the obstacle to have free access in your way, continue reading.

Life is Strange 2 does not give you direct indications on what commands you need to execute to get the tree removed. With the trunk standing in your way, you only have the option of interacting with the "Look" command.

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Remove the fallen tree

Removing the tree isn't such a complicated task, since you don't need to find a specific element. All you have to do is press a button quickly and you will be on your way. Keep pressing the action button to ask Daniel to move the tree.

Command to execute:
- On Xbox One: LT
- PS4: L2
- On PC: E

Press and hold that button and press the interact button.

Command to execute:
- On Xbox One: B
- On PS4: Circle
- On PC: LMB

When executing this command you will call Daniel, from this step, he will be responsible for doing the rest, making use of his powers to raise the tree. Once removed from the road, a brief scene will be played and you will leave the current area, heading to the next area.